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More Fora is about getting outside yourself, growing past your perceived limitations and living the life that you aspire to and deserve. I specialize in all types of relationship based coaching, be that, expanding your personal community, aligning your relationship or simply making friends, I am here to help. I am also a fully qualified ACC ICF life coach and can assist in whatever obstacle you are trying to overcome or goal you are working toward. I have full faith in people and their ability to accomplish whatever they desire as long as they have the right resources and a good plan. If you have anything that you would like to achieve but are having trouble getting there, this could be the first step on your journey. You got this!

The Coaching Process: what to expect.

Because of a recent emphasis on accountability, accredited life coaching through the ICF, has become more homogeneous in what you can expect from the process. First of all, coaching is not therapy, although organizationally it may appear similar, there are several important differences. One key distinction is the way sessions are structured between parties. Coaching is a collaboration between the client and coach, in a session both are equal. Along that same line, coaches will not give you advice


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, through various techniques, held space and pertinent questions we will help you to explore, question and discover the path forward that is best for you. In other words, we believe the client is his or her best expert, the coach is there to help discover solutions that are best practice for the client but may be unclear or even impossible for the client to see at that time.

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• Goals and Obstacles • Held Space • Reflective Listening • Accountability • Learning • Growth

What to expect from a session:

Life coaching sessions are client focused, the coach is there only to help the client. If the client is a flower, the coach is there to point them in the direction of the sun so that their pedals can unfurl fully.

The meeting will typically begin with two people, the client and coach. There is no script or expectation of how a session should go but there are some patterns for how they can commence. A coaching session can commonly begin with a goal a client would like to accomplish but can't quite get there. Conversely, it can also begin with an obstacle or block a client may want to overcome and needs help doing so. It can also start much more vaguely, with a client not quite sure what their goal is, or not being able to define some unknown obstacle


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 they feel is holding them back. These sessions are characterized by a period of exploration where the client discovers what their goal or obstacle may be. Whatever the case, the coach will be receptive to the clients needs and listen actively to what they are saying. The figurative and literal area (even online) that is shared between the client and coach is referred to as held space or just space.

This held space is a safe and judgment free zone completely open to the clients safe and secure exploration. The client and coach will work together in that shared space to fully understand what the client's needs, history and resources are. This may sound straightforward and it can be but it usually is not. For example, obstacles that seem transparent can have layers and may be much deeper than originally thought. Additionally, goals can sometimes shift or change over the course of the session. Regardless, the coach will respond to the client in a way that they are receiving the maximum benefit from the session or coaching cycle.

Once the goal and obstacle have been decided upon, the two parties together, will work to devise an action plan on how, practically, the goal will become a reality. A key function of a coach is to keep the client honest and accountable. This could include the client checking in with the coach on a scheduled timetable or even doing homework to make sure they are making progress. Incrementally, the coach and client will repeat, and recalibrate this process, no matter how challenging, until the client has reached their goal.

The life coaching process can serve a vital function for people looking for growth, success, or simply just becoming unstuck. Most people create a story in their heads and can become trapped in it. This is where negative repercussions like self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and a futile outlook can manifest. A coaching cycle is intended to prompt you out of this negative feedback loop and get you moving forward. A good coach will elicit the powerful resources that already exist inside of you to maneuver through or around any obstacle in your way en route to whatever goal you want to achieve.

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I can help with that!


Although my focus is on relationships I am here to help, regardless of what your obstacle or goal may be. The fundamentals of coaching do not change and if you have anything at all that you would like to work on I am here for you! Please fill out a contact form below or book a session and we can get started.


Let's face it, making new friends is not getting any easier. Together, we can assess the obstacle and your needs and create a plan that fits where you would like to go in your social life. The truth is, physiologically and psychologically people were not intended to be alone. If you are feeling that way, we can make a plan to fix that.


Is there something off in your relationship? Or perhaps you do not feel seen? Defining or even understanding the issue can be tough when you are currently inside of the relationship. Through various coaching techniques we will try to move you outside of the narrative, address and define the issue and then create a plan to maximize your happiness and fulfil your needs.


What is your community and how do you fit into? Think of your personal community as a combination of all the relationships in your life. Are you content with its current construction? Are you happy with your role there? Together we will address these dynamics and come up with a plan to create the community that is best suited for you.

Hear Out What My Clients Say About Me.

"I'm immensely grateful for Michael Jensen's invaluable coaching. His unwavering dedication, insightful advice, and empathetic support enabled me to gain profound self-awareness, overcome challenges, and achieve personal and professional growth. Working with him has been a transformative experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend Michael to anyone seeking a compassionate and skilled coach."

Teddy O.

"Mike was my coach during a challenging life decision. His practical strategies improved my communication skills, boosting my confidence. I appreciated his non-judgmental approach and solid feedback. Mike is a kind, smart professional and an excellent life coach. Highly recommended!"

Becky J.

"After speaking with Mike I was always left with a feeling of purpose and direction. As a coach, he's intuitive and attentive. He asked brilliant, insightful questions that helped me to gain clarity on my goals and take all the right steps towards them."

Andy H.

"Mike is a compassionate listener and always knows the right questions to ask to get you to think! He helps you establish and refine your goal(s) so that you can get the most out of each coaching session. You can tell that Mike truly cares about you and your success - he creates a judgement-free environment so that you can be completely honest with him (and yourself). I highly recommend Mike Jensen as a coach!"

Rebecca G.

"Mike Jensen is a caring listener who found creative ways to help me think outside the box. His thoughtful responses helped me navigate some family dynamic situations as well as staying focused on the things I could change. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for someone to not just be supportive but also a guide in personal change. Thanks Mike!"

Mike K.


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