About me

Hello! My name is Mike Jensen and I am an ICF certified life coach focused on helping people explore and build their relationships and community. Through my coaching and life experience, I have experienced and encountered, time and again, people who feel discomfort with the current state of their relationships. These feelings could include loneliness, feeling alone in a relationship, displaced in their community, or otherwise emotionally out of sync. Stigmas that should not exist often accompany the aforementioned feelings, making the prospect of improving ones position that much more difficult. 

More Fora was founded in order to help people improve their lives through connection and eventually get outside.  We are social beings and no one should ever have to feel alone. 

I have 100+ coaching hours logged and am constantly looking to grow and help people with whatever they would like to work on. For me life coaching is a powerful tool that can profoundly reshape peoples lives for the better. I have witnessed first hand how people, who thought their place in life hopeless, have completely turned their situation around by working with a great coach. A fundamental belief, central to my identity, is that all people are capable of changing and accomplishing anything they set their mind to. I am here to help you clearly define the obstacle in front of you and create a plan forward. You are deserving of and entitled to great things in your life.